Customized 925 Sterlling Silver 18K Gold Plated Multicolor Enamel Mystical Aztec Symbolism Amulet Pendant PE843-973-7

Item No.: PE843-973-7

- Mystical Aztec symbolism 
- Powerful design language
- Handcrafted perfection

Magic cut-out amulet: Filigree graphic elements and the vibrant colours of the jungle interact harmoniously to create a unique piece of jewellery. Artistically hand decorated with colourful stone embellishment and cold enamel, the piece interprets the sunstone of the Aztecs with its creation mythology.

Clasp: Eyelet
Height: 3.4 cm
Materials: 925 Sterling silver; 18k yellow gold plating
Stones: Synthetic corundum red; glass-ceramic stone turquoise
Width: 2.7 cm
Article number: PE843-973-7

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