925 Sterling Silver Blackened Multicolor Cubic Zirconia Sparkling Owl Charm Pendant with Lobster Clasp 1479-643-7

Item No.: 1479-643-7

Owl” Charm pendant

High-quality stone embellishment
Elegant owl
Softly sparkling

Like the Queen of the Night, the elegant owl sparkles with high-quality stone embellishment, that surrounds the Charm with a mysterious aura.

Category            Charm-Pendant
Material              925 Sterling silver, blackened
Stones                zirconia amethyst-coloured, zirconia black, zirconia brown, zirconia olive, zirconia orange
Colour                orange,violet,black,brown,silver-coloured
Clasp                  lobster clasp
Height                 approx. 2,70 cm (1,06 Inch)
Width                  approx. 0,90 cm (0,35 Inch)
Article number    1479-643-7

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